Powerful rectifiers packed in 1mm-thick packages

PSMC (TO-277A), SMA Flat, SMB Flat, SOD123 Flat and SOD128 Flat packages

The increasing demand for compact power management systems has brought about the need for excellent thermal design. Thanks to newly engineered power density and thermal conduction technologies, the PSMC (TO-277A), SMA Flat, SMB Flat and SOD Flat packages for diodes and rectifiers combine compactness and high power density, making them ideal for space-constrained circuits.

Further details on the light and ultra-small packages:

Industrial- and automotive-grade
  • SOD123 Flat, from 1 to 3 A 
  • SOD128 Flat, from 1 to 5 A 
  • PSMC (TO-277A), from 5 to 12 A 
Mainly aimed at industrial-grade applications:
  • SMA Flat, from 1 to 3A,
    25 to 170 V
  • SMB Flat, from 3 to 5 A,
    40 to 200 V