Advanced quasi-resonant offline high-voltage converter with E-mode GaN HEMT

The VIPerGaN50 with integrated 650V gallium-nitride (GaN) power transistor offers superior energy efficiency and miniaturization, and simplifies single-switch flyback converter designs up to 50 watts.

The compact and low-cost 5mm x 6mm package houses a highly integrated single-switch topology with embedded current-sensing and protection circuitry. The integrated GaN transistor allows a high switching frequency with small and lightweight flyback transformers. Minimal additional external components are needed to design advanced, high-efficiency switched-mode power supplies (SMPS).

The VIPerGaN50 helps designers leverage GaN wide-bandgap technology to meet increasingly stringent ecodesign standards targeting global energy savings and net-zero carbon emissions. It is ideal for consumer and industrial applications such as power adapters, USB-PD chargers, power supplies for home appliances, air conditioners, LED-lighting equipment, and smart meters.

Key features

  • Quasi-resonant (QR) flyback controller
  • 650 V E-mode power GaN transistor
  • Embedded sense FET
  • Dynamic blanking time and adjustable valley synchronization delay functions to maximize efficiency with any input line and load condition
  • Valley-lock to ensure constant valley skipping
  • Advanced power management for less than 30 mW standby power consumption with adaptive burst-mode
  • Output OVP protection
  • Input voltage feed-forward compensation for mains independent OPP variation
  • Brown-in and brown-out protection
  • Input OVP protection
  • Embedded thermal shutdown
  • Frequency jitter for EMI suppression

Application examples

high efficiency power adapters High efficiency power adapters
fast battery chargers Fast battery chargers
power management Auxiliary power supply for appliances, industrial, consumer, lighting

Recommended resources


45 W quasi-resonant USB PD adaptor reference design based on VIPERGAN50 and STUSB4761. The EVLVIPGAN50PD 45 W USB Type-C™ Power Delivery 3.0 adapter is a USBPD reference design solution. It is an isolated power supply based on the VIPERGAN50, a new offline high-voltage converter from the VIPerPlus family with a 650 V HEMT Power GaN transistor, designed for quasi-resonant flyback converters, capable of providing 50 W output power over a wide range.

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