Digital combo multimode PFC and time-shift LLC resonant controller

The upgraded STNRG011A offers advanced overload protection management featuring a new algorithm to guarantee a more accurate output voltage. The controller ensures compliance with the most stringent energy-saving requirements and is ideal for 90 to 300 W power converters.

Key features

  • Digital combo multimode PFC + time-shift LLC resonant half-bridge controller
  • On-board 800 V startup circuit, line sense, and X-cap discharge compliant with IEC 62368-1, for reduced standby power
  • Enhanced fixed on time multimode TM PFC controller with input voltage feedforward, THD optimizer and frequency limitation
  • Complete set of PFC protections
  • Time-shift control of resonant half-bridge
  • Enhanced burst mode at light load with fast transient response and line adaptive half-bridge brown-out protection
  • Complete set of half-bridge protections
  • Available in SO-20 package

Application examples

Open frame SMPS
Flat screen TV SMPS
ATX power supply
AC-DC adapter

Recommended resources


12 V–150 W power supply based on the STNRG011A digital combo and SRK2001 adaptive synchronous rectifier controller.

The EVL011A150ADP is a power supply demonstration board for 90 Vac to 264 Vac mains, which is representative of an AC-DC converter for an all-in-one (AIO) computer or a general-purpose, high-power adapter.

The performance of the EVL011A150ADP can meet the requirements of major standards ENERGY STAR® for computers ver. 6.1, Eup Lot 6 Tier 2, European CoC ver. 5 Tier-2, in terms of efficiency, no-load input power, and power factor. It features harmonics content well below the limits of European Standard EN-61000-3-2 Class-D and Japanese standard JEITA-MITI Class-D regulations.

STNRG012, the new Swiss army knife of PFC controllers for LED drivers for modern lighting