L99H02: Flexible H-Bridge DC Motor Driver


Flexible, compact, gate driver with 4 A output current and rail-to-rail outputs

New dual-channel galvanically-isolated gate driver for IGBTs and silicon-carbide (SiC) MOSFETs saves space and simplifies circuit design in high-voltage power-conversion applications.

Key features of STGAP2SICD

The STGAP2HD for IGBTs and STGAP2SICD for SiC MOSFETs leverage ST’s latest galvanic-isolation technology to provide 6kV transient-voltage capability in a compact SO-36W wide-body package. In addition, ±100V/ns dv/dt transient immunity prevents spurious turn-on in electrically noisy operating conditions. The devices can deliver a powerful gate-control signal of up to 4A, with a choice of single or dual output pins for extra flexibility. The single output features an active Miller clamp to prevent gate spikes during fast commutation. The dual-output option allows independent adjustment of turn-on and turn-off times.

Application examples

power supply Power supplies
motor drive Drives
inverter Inverters
welding Welders
charger Chargers

How to test & prototype with STGAP2SICD


STGAP2SICD half-bridge evaluation board

With advanced protection functions to easily design high reliability systems, the device allows negative gate driving and working with optimized driving voltages for SiC MOSFETs.

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