L6981 synchronous step down converter

L6981 - New synchronous step-down converter


Easy-to-use buck converter with a full set of protection functions to increase the MTBF and reduce the number of external components.

A 1.5 A easy-to-use converter, the L6981 boasts high-efficiency across all loads. Its wide input voltage range (3.5 to 38 V) makes it the perfect candidate for 24 V industrial bus-powered systems, HVAC power supplies, battery-powered equipment, decentralized intelligent nodes and always-on devices such as smart sensors.

Key features of L6981

  • 3.5 V to 38 V operating input voltage
  • Output voltage from 0.85 V to VIN
  • 1.5 A DC output current
  • Two different versions: Low consumption mode (LCM) for high efficiency at light-loads and Low noise mode (LNM) for noise-sensitive applications
  • 2 μA shutdown current
  • Output voltage sequencing
  • Synchronization to external clock for LNM devices
  • SO 8L package with internal compensation to minimize design complexity and size

Application examples

industrial power 24 V buses industrial power systems
battery-powered 24 V battery powered equipment
node Decentralized intelligent nodes
sensor Sensors and always-on applications
low noise Low-noise applications

How to test & prototype with L6981


Cost-effective evaluation board based on L6981CDR synchronous step-down converter with low quiescent current

Cost-effective evaluation board based on L6981NDR synchronous step-down converter with low quiescent current


On-demand webinar: ST’s power management solutions for IoT and industrial applications

webinar power management for microcontrollers

This webinar focuses on buck regulators for working voltages of up to 60 V and applications with particularly low quiescent current demands.

This on-demand session covers:
  • Buck regulators with working voltages up to 60 V
  • Nano-quiescent buck regulators for 5 V buses
  • High-performance LDOs for both 5V and 24V buses
  • The STPMIC1, featuring 14 output rails and a high level of configurability
  • Wide portfolio of ESD protective devices