dual-channel transceiver IC

Compact, high-performance, 50 A, 650 V, 3-phase inverter with improved short-circuit rugged trench-gate field-stop IGBTs


Dual-channel transceiver IC brings more flexibility to Single-Input/Output and IO-Link sensor applications

The L6364 transceiver features dual communication channels, which allow configurable output doubling for extra drive strength, in addition to a DC/DC converter and dual-mode UART.

The L6364 is a monolithic device, which can drive capacitive, resistive, or inductive loads.

Compliant with IO-Link specification v1.1, the L6364 supports IO-Link at COM2 (38.4 Kbaud) and COM3 (230.4 Kbaud) modes, and also standard Single-Input/Output (SIO) communication. The dual outputs, which contain an IO-Link CQ pin and standard DIO pin, each have surge-pulse and reverse-polarity protection. The maximum drive strength is programmable up to 250mA and the two channels can be paralleled to supply up to 500mA.

An SPI port connects the L6364 to the host microcontroller (MCU), with an additional interrupt pin for diagnostic reporting. The MCU can exchange sensor data through the UART or by using single-byte or multi-byte (SPI) modes. The integrated UART supports IO-Link message sequencing (M-Sequencing). It can be programmed to operate in IO-Link or standard SIO mode and allows unlimited M-Sequence size in single-octet IO-Link. An internal data buffer supports up to 15 octets.

Key features of L6364

  • Dual communication channels (one supporting IO-Link communication)
  • Configurable output doubling for additional drive strength requirements (nom. 500mA)
  • Integrated UART peripheral with M-sequence handling (inc. checksum) for all IO-Link sequences according to specification v1.1
  • Available in tiny QFN-20L 4 x 4 mm package and Wafer Level Chip (CSP 19, 2.5 x 2.5 mm)
  • For all features and technical details: Download L6364 datasheet

Application examples

The L6364 device is perfectly suitable for any IO-Link application connecting sensors and actuators, which either require two separate point-to-point, bi-directional communication channels, or need to double the output current with the two channels in parallel.

industrial sensor Industrial sensors and actuators
io-link Line driver up to 150kHz
automation Factory automation & Process control
switching Switch driver of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads

How to test & prototype with L6364


Industrial smart sensor kit based on L6364W dual IO-Link device transceiver

Dual channel IO-Link device expansion board based on L6364W for STM32 Nucleo development board


STM32 Nucleo pack for IO-Link device applications based on L6364Q transceiver, industrial sensors, and STM32L452RE MCU

IO-Link technology introduction and evaluation ecosystem presentation

video advanced transceivers io-link communication

On-demand Webinar: Advanced IO-Link Chips for Intelligent Sensor Networks

webinar io link chips
This on-demand session covers:
  • IO-Link Technology introduction and market overview, advantages vs. conventional busses
  • New ST Master and Device transceivers, key features and benefits
  • Evaluation kits based on STM32 MCUs, firmware and graphical user interface