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STM32WL security

STM32WL security MOOC

STM32WL security

Learn main principles concerning security within STM32WL family and LoRaWAN



Understand the key security features implemented in STM32WL such as the secure boot, the secure firmware update (SBSFU/BFU), the secure key provisioning (KMS) and the secure firmware install (SFI).

Who should attend this course?

  • Engineers looking for information about STM32WL software and hardware security implementation and key management services
  • Engineers interested in LoRaWAN security

Benefits you will take away

This will allow you to start further activities with STM32WL and LoRaWAN implementation.

On line course concept

Course is provided in MOOC format with course material available online.

This course takes about 50 minutes to complete, depending on your proficiency.

Course outline

  • Intro​duction and agenda
  • LoRaWAN security reminder
  • LoRaWAN security overview
  • STM32WL security hardware and software
  • STM32WL key management services (KMS)
  • STM32WL Secure Firmware Install (SFI)
  • Key Management Services provisioning demo


There are no prerequisites for this session.