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STM32H72x/3x hands-on workshop

STM32H72x/3x hands-on workshop MOOC

STM32H72x/3x hands-on workshop

New STM32H72x/3x MCUs for running deeply embedded applications



Today an ever-growing range of applications require high-performance, feature-rich and highly integrated microcontrollers. With the newly released STM32H72x/3x series, we are bringing new high-performance MCUs to the market, combining 550MHz core with up to 1MB embedded Flash, a rich set of analog and digital peripherals, available in various packages at an affordable cost.

Who should attend this course?

  • STM32 developers looking for high-performance microcontrollers with rich integration at an affordable cost
  • Engineers looking to better understand what product architecture to favor, with internal or external memories
  • Developers looking for a ready-to-use solution aligned with STM32 standards in terms of STM32Cube ecosystem and hardware tools

Benefits you will take away

  • Understand the design different challenges that come with the development of high-performance applications
  • Gain experience in using the new STM32H72x/3x series optimized for high-performance applications and integration
  • Understand which architecture is the most suitable for your end product in terms of internal and external memories
  • From theory to practice, know how to take advantage of ST’s development ecosystem thanks to dedicated hands-on

On line course concept

Course is provided in MOOC format with course material available online.

This course takes about 4 hours to complete, depending on your proficiency.

Course outline

  • Intro​duction and agenda
  • Problematic of high-performance application
  • STM32CubeMonitor for performance measurement – hands on
  • Code execution from internal memory – hands-on
  • STM32 high-performance MCU series
  • Code execution from external memory with on-the-fly decryption – hands-on
  • How to realize your proof of concept? – hands-on
  • Next steps in STM32Cube ecosystem
  • Wrap-up


  • STM32H735G-DK board
  • Micro-USB cable
  • PC with preinstalled the following software:
    • STM32CubeIDE (in version at least 1.5.0)
    • STM32H7 Cube library (in version at least 1.8.0) → to be installed from STM32CubeIDE (help → Manage Embedded Software Packages → STM32Cube MCU Packages)
    • STM32CubeMonitor
    • STM32CubeProgrammer (in version at least 2.5.0)
    • Any terminal application (i.e. TeraTerm)


All materials (slides, hands-on projects) related to this video can be found here.