STM32 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Introduction to STM32L0 family

Introduction to STM32L0 family

Learn more about low power featured STM32L0 family

Get basic information about STM32L0 low power MCU family starting from its system and standard peripherals then via its low power modes and low power peripherals.

Who should attend this course?

  • Engineers looking to easily develop high performance and low power MCU based on powerful 32-bit microcontroller architecture
  • Developers looking for a way to optimize their current applications in terms of power consumption

Benefits you will take away

  • Understand the STM32L0 architecture including a Cortex-M0+ core and new peripherals.
  • Manage the MCU to achieve lowest possible current consumption

On line course concept

  • Courses are provided in MOOC format with course material available online.
  • Each course takes approximately 55 minutes to complete, depending on your proficiency.

Course outline

  • Overview of STM32L0 system peripherals
  • Overview of STM32L0 standard peripherals
  • Low Power Modes within STM32L0
  • Low Power Peripherals in STM32L0