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6.25 Gbps多速率、多通道SerDes宏IP




The ST 65 nm HSSL IP is a radiation hardened high-performance SERDES developed in ST CMOS065LP Low Power 65 nanometer CMOS technology and is provided as Flip chip only layout with build-in 2KV ESD protection. It features 8 channels (4Tx + 4 Rx) and is supplied by 1.2 volt.It embeds a PLL and four identical data slices. Each data slice is composed of a data transmission lane and a data reception lane. The PLL provides very stable 6.25 GHz internal bit clock which is synthesized from a lower frequency input reference clock. This bit clock is used to generate each transmission bit clock and to recover each received bit clock.Each data slice is running independently to each other. In each data slice, the transmitter and receiver are running independently to each other and may have different bit rate.A +/-100ppm plesiochronous operation is guaranteed by design in each data lane individually and independently (Tx data lane and Rx data lane).Each data slice embeds one BIST which contains: a PRBS generator, a BER monitor, an internal data lane loopback TX -> RX (in each data slice) and a TX clock jitter generator.

  • 所有功能

    • ST CMOS065LP low-power 65 nm CMOS technology
    • 1.5625, 3.125 and 6.25 Gbps operation
    • BER < 10-14
    • 20 bit TX and RX parallel data interface width / sub-rate mode
    • Global power down and per link TX & RX power downs
    • Compact form factor: 3040u x 1600u (tbc)
    • Flip chip only layout
    • Full immunity to single event latch-up (SEL) failures with a LET up to 60MeVcm2/mg
    • No single event functional interrupts (SEFIs), up to 60MeVcm2/mg
    • 1.2V power supply


STMicroelectronics - C65SPACE-HSSL

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