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The ST-VREG-FINDER is a free application for smartphones and tablets that enables a smart selection of products, both between linear and switching voltage regulators and in the voltage reference portfolio.

This app includes a parametric search engine and a browser by product family, for an easy sorting and filtering of the products so to meet the user's needs. The filtered results are listed and the key features are available in a table.

Once the selection is made, the datasheet can be downloaded, sent through e-mail or shared through social media. Just few clicks are enough to check the availability of samples and purchase them from STMicroelectronics' distributors.

Moreover, an integrated feed provides up-to-date worldwide and local news about voltage regulator products.

This APP supports both Android and iOS-based devices.

  • 所有功能

    • Available on Android and iOS environments
    • Product selectors with sorting and electrical parameter filter capabilities for:
      • Linear voltage regulators
      • Switching voltage regulators
      • Voltage reference
    • Part number search engine
    • Series explorer
    • Key feature summary
    • Datasheet display and download
    • Sharing through e-mail and social media
    • My favorite product management
    • Access to distributors to check the product availability and prices
    • Buy-online
    • Access to the latest news about ST power management products
    • Supported languages: English