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The STM32 portfolio is continuously growing with a variety of solutions available to developers, notably STM32Cube low-layer (LL) drivers, for balancing cost, power, and performance.

It is important that designers of STM32 microcontroller applications can easily upgrade their microcontroller type as well as their firmware solution. Additionally, since the standard peripheral library is not delivered for the most recent STM32 series, the SPL2LL-Converter migration tool is essential to the harmonization of existing applications with the range of new embedded product features and the ecosystem evolution.

The STM32 standard peripheral library (SPL) to STM32Cube low-layer API migration tool is designed to help developers to easily migrate their source code based on STM32 SPL drivers to any other STM32 series supporting STM32Cube low-layer drivers. It ensures full migration within a given STM32 series and partial migration across STM32 series. The migration is possible only for STM32 peripherals covered by STM32Cube LL drivers.

SPL2LL-Converter is a script that manages the migration of user source code provided that it complies with some defined C-coding rules such as no alias, no call to API as parameter, or single operation on interrupt and flags.

SPL2LL-Converter comes with a GUI. This graphical software configuration tool allows the script to be executed without using a shell command.

As a first step, the user selects the STM32 source and destination series.

The user then selects the input path for source files based on SPL drivers and the output path for the storage of source files based on STM32Cube LL drivers.

Finally, the user launches the source code migration based on the selected configuration. The user application project needs to be created or updated on the basis of the migrated code.

  • 所有功能

    • Step-by-step user source code migration status is displayed
    • Free user-friendly license terms
    • C code generation covering all STM32 series, compliant with IAR™, Keil™ and GCC compilers
    • Available as standalone software running on Windows®, Linux® and macOS® operating systems (macOS® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries)