意法半导体设计了两种平衡版本的650 V和1200 V二极管,具有同类产品最佳正向压降 (VF) 和浪涌能力 (IFSM),极大地限制了导通损耗,降低了二极管结温,这也正是二次整流功能的关键。

意法半导体的车规级650 V二极管系列范围为6至40 A,采用TO-220、TO-220ACIns、DO-247、TO-247、I²PAK和DPAK封装。我们的低VF和高IFSM系列车规级1200 V器件范围从10到20 A,采用TO-220封装。

1200 V SiC automotive-grade diodes with the lowest forward voltage drop ever

The new AEC-Q101 1200 V SiC diodes – 10-, 15- and 20-amp rated – are ideal for use in high-power applications such as charging stations, OBC, power supplies, and motor drives. Their surge capability for a 10 ms pulse is in the range of 7 times the diodes’ nominal current, and confers these 1200 V silicon-carbide diodes the state-of-the-art robustness. With a typical forward voltage drop (V F) of 1.35 V at nominal current and room temperature, they set the highest level/standard on the market. Available in D²PAK and TO-220AC packages, the STPSC10H12-Y, STPSC15H12-Y and STPSC20H12-Y fulfill the automotive robustness and performance requirements.