针对输出功率范围更高的应用,意法半导体推出了采用FFX技术的最新一代数字音频功率放大器。 意法半导体的音频功率解决方案融合了全数字和高效且灵活的放大技术,适用于各种消费类音频产品,并且具有以下特性:

  • 二进制和三进制FFX高效工作模式
  • 配置灵活: 1.0、2.0、2.1和4.0通道
  • PSO36和PSS036表面贴装散热型封装实现了最佳散热性能 

STA518 quad power half-bridge digital audio amplifier

STA518 is a monolithic quad half bridge stage in Multipower BCD Technology. The device can be used also as dual bridge or reconfigured, by connecting CONFIG pin to Vdd pin, as single bridge with double current capability.
The device is particularly designed to make the output stage of a stereo All-Digital High Efficiency (DDX™) amplifier capable to deliver an output power of 24W x 4 channels @ THD = 10% at Vcc 30V on 4W load in single ended configuration. It can also deliver 50 + 50W @ THD = 10% at Vcc 29V as output power on 8W load in BTL configuration and 70W @ THD = 10% at Vcc 34V on 8W in single paralleled BTL configuration.