• 强大的产品阵容,其输出功率介于每通道几mW和250 W之间,适于任何模拟或数字音频信号源
  • AB类D类G类放大器
  • 多种配置,满足您的应用需求
  • 多种封装,包括适于空间受限应用的微型封装
  • 高效放大器,降低了功率耗散和对较大散热器的需求
  • 汽车级解决方案

我们提供的大量产品适于多种应用 - 从耳机到功能最强大的重低音喇叭,采用多种配置,满足任何性能和成本要求。

TDA7498E brings superior sound and sleek style to advanced audio systems

The TDA7498E amplifier offers flexible audio-system configuration, in both stereo and mono modes, and also includes the mono parallel feature for driving the subwoofer/woofer channel in 2.1 sound set-ups. To maximize the speaker output power, sound-system manufacturers require high-efficiency amplifiers capable of driving speakers at low impedances of 2 or 3 ohms, which creates a challenge by increasing device sizes. The device’s high-current capability not only delivers high output power, but also enables the design of platform solutions where the speaker impedance can be simply changed - from 8 down to 2 ohms - without any power or current limitation.