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This Graphical User Interface (GUI) solution enables developers to easily add a smartphone-like GUI to your battery driven devices, ensuring a long battery life. 

You can now deliver a superior user experience while taking the full advantage of STM32 Ultra Low Power (ULP) family microcontrollers STM32L4 (Link). STM32L4 ULP family offer you advanced graphical features link 2D-DMA ChromART, CRG optimized for round display and MIPI display interface. 

The TouchGFX software engine utilize all graphical features of the STM32L4 micro creating a high performant application with a smartphone look and feel. The TouchGFX package supports you with a smooth development process....   

The full STM32 Graphical User interface offer is structured around the following pillars:

  • Industry’s broadest advanced graphic enabled MCU offer
  • State-of-the-art graphical development tools available for free
  • Support and documentation center
  • Reference designs and selected design partners

More details about STM32 full graphic offer are available at


  • 主要产品优势

    STM32H7A3/B3 and STM32H7B0 MCU
    • Ultra Low Power consumption Cortex-M4 based STM32 microcontrollers
    • Chrom-ART graphic accelerator for richer and more fluid animations
    • Chrom-GRC Graphic Resources Cutter, saving memory ressources for non-square displays
    • LCD-TFT controller and MIPI-DSI display interface
    • Smartphone-like animations such as swipe, scroll, 3D effects, video playback, and others transparency, alpha-blending, anti-aliased fonts, kerning and perspective correct texture mapping 
    • Wide choice of customizable widgets such as swipe container, animated images, shapes, scroll lists and others 
    • Customizable triggers and actions Optimized footprint with 10 to 35 KB of RAM and 20 to 100 KB of Flash 
    • Support of IAR, Keil and STM32CubeIDE 
    • A large worldwide network of touchGFX implementers able to deliver turnkey solutions and dedicated design consultancies
    Extended graphic ecosystem
    • Large choice of leading graphic partners such as Embedded wizard, QT, Crank and Segger 
    • Taking the full benefit of the STM32L4 MCUs Low power architecture
    • Offering advanced graphic software and tools solutions to enable fast and performant GUI design 
    • Design consultancy and turnkey solution implementation
    STM32 evaluation kits and reference designs
    • STM32L4R9 and STM32L496  discovery kit and evaluation board for evaluation and prototyping 
    • Large set of examples and demos based on TouchGFX as well as partners software