Design Win



To meet the challenge of offering the required ECU/chipset performance at a competitive price enabling its deployment in large quantities, ST offers a high-integration chipset for an optimized ECU form factor and cost.

The backbone of our proposal is the SPC572L64 32-bit Power Architecture MCU and the L9177A peripherals on chip.

  • 主要产品优势

    SPC572L64 - 32Bit MCU designed specifically for EFI

    Specifically designed for small EFI engine management systems, the SPC572L64 includes specific modules such as the GTM (Generic Timer Module) used to lock and track the angular position of the crankshaft and the decimation filter for managing knock sensor signals to ensure accurate injection and ignition timings with a direct effect on engine emission and consumption performance..

    L9177A  - Automotive periperals on a single chip

    The L9177A contains all the building blocks for EFI systems from key sensor interfaces and load actuators (solenoids, relays, bulbs, etc.) for diagnostics and networking capabilities.