Design Win

具有同步整流功能的60W (12V/5A) 48V反激式转换器


48V Input - 60W High efficiency, continuous conduction mode, flyback converter with synchronous rectification 

The solution is designed to implement high efficiency DC-DC conversion, able to manage 60 W (12 V/5 A) output from 42 to 56 V DC input (48V nominal input voltage), which is especially suitable for low-mid power telecom applications and PoE powered devices such as IP security cameras and access points. The power conversion stage is based on a flyback topology managed by the PM8804 controller featuring all the integrated circuitry necessary for a compact and efficient 48 V converter. The secondary side employs the SRK1000 adaptive synchronous rectification controller for multi-mode flyback converters, featuring innovative control scheme to maximize the conduction time of the SR MOSFET, so targeting very high conversion efficiency. The STL130N8F7 is used as synchronous rectification Power MOSFET. This N-channel Power MOSFET utilizes STripFET™ F7 technology with low on-state resistance, while also allowing faster and more efficient switching. 

The power supply attains a maximum efficiency of nearly 93%, with a quite flat efficiency curve from 40% to 100% of load. The design embeds a set of protections that enables a self-protected converter with the scope to eliminate the risk of catastrophic failure at system level. 

  • 主要产品优势

    • Excellent efficiency figure at different load and input voltages, maximum efficiency of nearly 93% 
    • Adaptive synchronous rectification with innovative control scheme  
    • High switching frequency (200 KHz) for reduced component size, settable by dedicated PIN 
    • Soft-start up with settable time 
    • Soft turn-off (optionally disabled) 
    • Complementary PWM option on the primary side for low side active clamp circuit