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运用了STNRG012的200W LED街道照明解决方案


This 200W LED street lighting solution is built around the STNRG012, a digital multimode PFC and LLC resonant controller that can manage both AC and DC input lines.

Based on a two-stage approach with a front-end PFC pre-regulator and a downstream resonant half-bridge converter, the STNRG012 also includes a proprietary THD algorithm that ensures tight distortion control and very high conversion efficiency for compliance with the most stringent energy saving regulations. Moreover, the STNRG012 embeds all the MOSFET drivers, an 800 V-rated high voltage section, and all the glue logic required to supervise operations, reducing the overall part count to a real minimum.

Its ability to immediately transition between AC and DC voltage inputs makes it highly suitable for LED lighting applications with battery pack backup supplies often used for emergency lighting.

Stored in internal ROM and managed by an 8-bit core, the digital algorithms and key parameters can be fully programmed during the production phase for maximum configurability and flexibility.

The device can also communicate via UART for monitoring purposes, access to black box data regarding operation history, software patching, and test modes.

A highly competitive solution in terms of time to market and overall costs, the STNRG012 offers power supply designers with customizable performance and operation, along with the opportunity to deliver more compact solutions featuring lower BoM counts and less complexity.

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    • No load mains consumption: < 0.5 W
    • Efficiency: > 93% at full load
    • THD: < 7.5% at 230 VAC from 30% to 100% of full load