该产品的工作电压最高可达50 V,应用范围广泛,并且具有全套诊断功能(常见的开路负载诊断、常见的热关断以及过载和热关断),能适应各种外部条件。其设计符合IEC 61131-2标准关于可编程控制器及其外设的设计和相关测试要求。

IPS4260L high-speed quad low-side intelligent power switch

The IPS4260L can manage up to 2.4A@TAMB=85oC (0.6A per channel or 2.4A on single channel) with the possibility to set current limitation threshold by external resistor and to parallelize the channel. [DR1] The IC provides rich diagnostics for Smart Industry / Industry 4.0 smart-manufacturing applications.

Available in compact HTSSOP20 Thermally Enhanced Thin Shrink Small-Outline Package, designed to meet IEC 61131-2 standards on requirements and associated tests for programmable controllers and their peripherals.