意法半导体的智能高侧开关和驱动器为驱动电感、电容或电阻负载提供了单通道或多通道双极/MOSFET输出开关。CPU反馈诊断功能和大量电气保护特性使这些器件具有极高的耐用性,适于各种工业应用。这些器件具有很宽的电压范围:+5.5 ~ +50 V。

Galvanic isolated high-side smart power switch with SPI features rich diagnostic, safety, and protection features

The galvanic isolated octal high-side smart power switch enhances diagnostics and system management by providing a 20 MHz SPI port allowing both per-channel over-temperature signalization and efficient daisy-chaining of multiple devices. A power-good output indicates the status of the process-side power supply.

The device enlarges ST’s family of galvanic isolated high-side switches, featuring maximum safety and robustness in demanding applications such as industrial PLCs, PCs, or peripherals, and numeric-control machines in conventional industrial automation or Industry 4.0 smart-factory scenarios.

Galvanic isolated 8-channel high-side switch in compact QFN package

Smaller, more robust and energy-efficient controllers are the current trend for innovative industrial automation equipment. An octal integrated galvanic isolated switch, ST’s ISO8200BQ housed in a compact QFN package fulfills the safety requirements and saves the PC-board space occupied by conventional opto-electronic isolation circuitry. With very low levels of quiescent current, together with on-chip RF communication through the isolation layer, it ensures excellent levels of efficiency and immunity to electromagnetic noise and ESD in compliance with international standards.