Engineering Applications

Engineering apps allow users to easily explore, configure, monitor, control and extend the design possibilities of function packs or STEVAL boards.

  • Explore: read the sensor data collected, or understand the features and capabilities offered by ST development boards.
  • Configure: define settings in your function pack or STEVAL board such as connection parameters or sensor refresh rates .
  • Extend: use your mobile internet connection to configure the boards online or to upgrade the firmware.
  • Monitor: analyze the data produced by the on-board sensors.
  • Control:  take action based on the data captured and your analysis.


App Name Version iOS Android
STSW-ST25001 3.4.0    
STSW-ST25005 1.0.0    
STSW-ST25007 1.0.0    
STSW-ST25003 1.0.4