Design Win

评估板,采用STM32F207IG MCU



推荐的替代产品: NUCLEO-F207ZG


The STM3220G-EVAL evaluation board is a complete demonstration and development platform for STMicroelectronics ARM®Cortex®-M3 core-based STM32F2 Series embedding a high-performance STM32F207IGH6.

The full range of hardware features on the board helps users to evaluate all the peripherals (USB OTG HS, USB OTG FS, ethernet, motor control, CAN, microSDcard, smartcard, USART, audio DAC, RS-232, IrDA transceiver supported up to board version MB786 C-07, SRAM, ST MEMS, EEPROM and others) and to develop applications.The embedded in-circuit ST-LINK/V2 provides debugger and programmer facilities for the STM32.

  • 所有功能

    • 16-Mbit SRAM
    • 1-Gbyte or more microSDcard
    • Boot from user Flash memory, system memory or SRAM
    • Both ISO/IEC 14443 type A and B smartcard support
    • I2C compatible 64-Kbit serial interface EEPROM, ST MEMS and I/O expander
    • IEEE 802.3-2002 compliant ethernet connector
    • Two CAN 2.0 A/B channels on the same DB connector
    • RS-232 communication
    • IrDA transceiver (supported up to version MB786 C-07 of the board)
    • USB OTG (HS and FS) with Micro-AB connector
    • Inductor motor control connector
    • I2S audio DAC, stereo audio jack for headset
    • 3.2" 240x320 TFT color LCD with touch screen
    • 4-color LEDs
    • Camera module and extension connector for ST camera plug-in
    • Joystick with 4-direction control and selector
    • Reset, wakeup, tamper and user button
    • RTC with backup battery
    • Extension connector for daughterboard or wrapping board
    • JTAG, SW and trace debug support
    • Embedded ST-LINK/V2
    • Five 5V power supply options: power jack, USB FS connector, USB HS connector, ST-LINK/V2 or daughterboard