SPC5 汽车微控制器评估工具

SPC5: Come on board!

The SPC5 family of 32-bit automotive microcontrollers based on the Power Architecture® technology is supported by a complete range of hardware evaluation and emulation tools.

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ST’s comprehensive SPC58 Chorus development ecosystem!

Discovery Kits for fast evaluation and connectivity

Discovery kits offer a wide selection of interfaces including Ethernet and CAN-FD as well as expansion connectors, making it easy for developers to plug in application and extension modules for rapid prototyping and evaluation. 


Premium Boards for advanced prototyping

Designed for advanced development, Premium boards offer full access to all the features and functions of our SPC5 32-bit automotive microcontrollers. The multilayer approach allows developers to test any package configuration. These kits include daughter/adapter boards for each specific package available for each SPC5 series.

Emulation Boards

A selection of emulation boards is available for specific SPC5 microcontrollers. These boards allow developers to carry out advanced measurement and calibration tasks to fine-tune application parameters as well as to test signal integrity and log data for debugging. Please refer to ST's local offices for further information.

All boards and kits are fully compatible with our SPC5-Studio development environment and are supported by a full range of state-of-the-art tools and  development software from major third-parties.