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The STEVAL-WESU1 firmware provides a complete framework to build wearable applications, using inertial and environmental sensors, battery management, and Bluetooth low energy wireless communication. It is built on the STM32Cube™ for easy expansion and customization of the firmware for specific applications, such as integrating motion algorithms, or specific middleware components.

The firmware runs on the STM32L151 microcontroller and includes the drivers to interface with Bluetooth low energy (BlueNRG-MS), three MEMS sensor devices (LPS25HB, LSM6DS3, LIS3MDL), and two battery management devices (STNS01, STC3115). The BlueST protocol provides structured services and characteristics to expose the board functionalities and communicate with an Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth low energy wireless communication. Moreover, the ST WeSUApp provides specific demos for algorithms like AHRS, pedometer, free fall detection, as well as battery information and RF signal strength (RSSI).

The App also includes command line interface functionality via a debug console for smart device control by managing permanent and session settings registers of the STEVAL-WESU1.

  • 所有功能

    • Complete firmware architecture to build wearable applications using:
      • STM32L1 low power microcontroller
      • Inertial and environmental MEMS sensors
      • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) network processor
      • Several low power profiles
    • Free comprehensive development firmware libraries and examples based on STM32Cube™
    • Customized API to support specific hardware and firmware features of an autonomous wearable node: internal setting and functionalities can be controlled straight by the smartphone
    • Middleware sensor fusion algorithm to combine the outputs from multiple motion sensors
    • Based on BlueST protocol for data acquisition and logging; smartphones can be used to read sensor and algorithm data, as well as control the device via remote control settings and a debug console
    • ST WeSU dedicated App, available from Apple Store™ and Google Play™ stores
    • Firmware package available in source code from ST website
    • ST WeSU SDK and APPs available in source code from GitHub