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The STSW-STNRGPF01 is software that helps application developers to program the STNRGPF01 device without the use of compilers and external hardware.

The tool is strongly linked with eDesignSuite and after that the design session is completed, the user can download a compiled file into the STNRGPF01 passing easily from the idea to the final product.

After that the user saved the *.hex file generated by eDesignSuite, he has to connect the FTDI/USB serial cable from the USB port of the PC to the programming device port. He now must launch the software, and in only three steps can program the device. The steps are: USB COM port selection, *.hex file selection, and firmware download.

In this way the user has the possibility to validate immediately the algorithm in the final application.

The tool is also capable to perform the read function on the EEPROM and the Flash area function.

  • 所有功能

    • Dedicated free software in order to program STNRGPF01
    • Integrated eDesignSuite platform
    • No compilers and dedicated hardware license necessary
    • Programming by means FTDI/USB serial cable
    • *.hex file download