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ST25 embedded NFC library for ST25 reader and tag products

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The ST25 embedded NFC library (STSW-ST25R-LIB) provides a collection of middleware and their associated examples that can be reused when developing an application with ST25R reader and ST25 dynamic tag products.

The available packages for ST25R NFC readers are ST25R3911B (STSW‑ST25R015), ST25R3916 (STSW‑ST25R016) and ST25R95 (STSW‑ST25R017).

Examples run on the NUCLEO-STM32L476RG with the following ST25R expansion boards: X‑NUCLEO-NFC05A1 for ST25R3911B, X‑NUCLEO‑NFC06A1 for ST25R3916 and X‑NUCLEO‑NFC03A1 for ST25R95.

The ST25FTM examples run also on the NUCLEO-STM32L476RG with the X-NUCLEO-NFC04A1 expansion board for ST25DV-I2C dynamic tag. The associated firmware is provided in all the STSW-ST25R-LIB packages.

  • 所有功能

    • Collection of middleware to build advanced NFC enabled applications such as:
      • NFC poller
      • NDEF reader writer
      • FreeRTOS poller
      • Proprietary active peer-to-peer
    • Support for ST25 tag and dynamic tag features
    • ST25 fast transfer mode (for ST25 readers and dynamic tags)
    • Available for all ST25R NFC readers
    • Easy portability across different platforms (MCUs/RTOSs/OSs)
    • Free, user-friendly license terms