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The STSW-S2LP-SFX-DK is an evaluation SW package for Sigfox networking with the S2-LP high performance, ultra-low power RF transceiver. It is designed to operate in the majority of radio configuration zones (RCZ) described by Sigfox.

The STSW-S2LP-SFX-DK SW package supports the STEVAL-FKI868V2, STEVAL-FKI915V1, STEVAL-IDB007V2, STEVAL-IDB008V2, STEVAL-FKI001V1, X-NUCLEO-S286A2, X-NUCLEO-S2915A1 kit platforms and STDES-MONARCH.

It provides an S2-LP Sigfox library with a complete set of APIs to develop embedded applications.

The S2-LP - Sigfox Demo GUI PC application provides an interactive interface to transmit messages to the Sigfox network and program the S2-LP nodes with the Sigfox ID to set the node for network communication.

  • 所有功能

    • S2-LP - Sigfox Demo GUI PC application with graphical user interface
    • ST-Sigfox library API for S2-LP
    • Sample embedded applications provided
    • SDK Eval NUCLEO-L0/L1/F0/F4 low level API to manage the motherboard (NUCLEO-STM32L0/L1/F0/F4) interfacing with the S2-LP daughterboard
    • STM32L0/L1/F0/F4 HAL driver (STM32Cube)
    • Support for STEVAL-IBD007V2, STEVAL-IDB008V2, STEVAL-FKI001V1, X-NUCLEO-S2868A2 and X-NUCLEO-S2915A1 and STDES-MONARCH reference design
    • Drivers for PC (USB Virtual COM + mass storage)