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P-NUCLEO-53L4A2软件包图形用户界面 (GUI)

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The STSW-IMG030 is a GUI for Windows 10. The GUI controls the P‑NUCLEO‑53L4A2 pack which consists of the X-NUCLEO-53L4A2 expansion board connected to the STM32F401RE nucleo board.

It is possible to control one VL53L4CX external breakout board when it is connected to the X-NUCLEO-53L4A2 expansion board through one of the dedicated connectors.

Specifically designed for long-range, multitarget measurements, the VL53L4CX provides very accurate distance measurements up to 6 m with excellent results over short distances. A new generation laser emitter with 18° field of view (FoV) improves performances under ambient light.

Thanks to ST's patented algorithms and innovative module construction, the VL53L4CX is also able to detect multiple objects within the FoV with depth understanding. ST histogram algorithms ensure cover glass crosstalk immunity beyond 80 cm and dynamic smudge compensation.

To install the STSW-IMG030 GUI, refer to the X-NUCLEO-53L4A2 quick start guide.

  • 所有功能

    • Live display of:
      • ranging distance in centimeters
      • signal strength
    • Calibration procedure
    • Maximum and minimum ranging threshold controls
    • Data log outputs
    • I2C transaction recording