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Firmware for dual active bridge bidirectional power converter for EV charging and battery energy storage systems

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STSW-DABBIDIR provides a complete and sophisticated solution to control a dual active bridge (DAB) bidirectional DC-DC power converter, exploiting a mixed-signal digital platform optimized for digital power applications.

A complete software solution is provided to exploit several application advantages offered by the flexible DAB topology.

The provided firmware allows operating the DAB converter with extended soft switching thanks to the adaptive modulation techniques and enhanced voltage and load control at wide range.

The STM32G474RET3 high performance MCU allows maximizing the DAB topology advantages in DC-DC applications, such as EV DC fast charging, energy storage systems, and UPS applications.

Additional firmware features like input and output protections, and soft startup are provided.

  • 所有功能

    • DAB bidirectional control algorithm
    • Soft switching at wide load/voltage ranges enabled by enhanced modulation techniques
    • Embedded controls:Voltage control loopCurrent control loopOptimized selection of modulation technique based on operating conditionsSoft startup
    • Protections:Overcurrent, voltage, power protectionsInput, output, operating voltage range protections
    • Development environment:D-Power conversion firmware package for application parameters customizationFull integration on STM32Cube software ecosystem
    • Based on the STM32G474RE MCUCustomizable full digital solution with high performance mixed-signal behaviorHigh-resolution timer version 2Integrated advanced analog peripherals (comparator, op-amps, DAC)Hardware math accelerator