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STEVAL-BLUEPLUG1 is an evaluation board targeting any Internet of Things (IOT) application. It contains all the core functionality required for a secure communication. It has the capability of wireless connectivity over BLE and also able to measure energy parameters like power, voltage, current and power factor using STPM32 metering IC. With the help of the app the user can control the firing of the TRIAC which is acting as a switch to turn on/off the load and also controlling the firing angle for dimming. The dual EEPROM (M24LR) connector is available to communicate through NFC (Near Field Communication). Android App is sending commands to SPBTLE-1S through Bluetooth and SPBTLE-1S is controlling the TRIAC on the basis of command received.The user can also control the state of the load by using the manual control button provided on the board The STPM32 measures the electrical parameters and sends it to SPBTLE-1S module over USART. After receiving the commands, SPBTLE-1S transmits it to the Android app to display the same on Metering panel over Bluetooth.

  • 所有功能

    • Implementation of the firmware for the STEVAL-BLUEPLUG1 board is based on SPBTLE-1S Module. It features:
      • Demonstrating wireless connectivity over BLE
      • Zero cross detection
      • Dimming using TRIAC
      • Metering: Measures energy parameters to send it to app through Bluetooth
      • Scheduling: Set the time of day for ON or OFF of the load
      • NFC interface: To configure the design, store the logs (RFU)
      • Android Application for energy parameters analysis
    • The SPBTLE-1S is based on BlueNRG-1 system-on-chip and entire Bluetooth Low Energy stack and protocols are embedded into module
    • Source code freely available with developer-friendly license terms