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The TDA75613LV is a new quad bridge car radio amplifier, designed in BCD technology, in order to include a wide range of innovative features in a very compact and flexible device.

The TDA75613LV is equipped with the most complete diagnostics array that communicates the status of each speaker through the I2C bus.

The dissipated output power under average listening condition is significantly reduced when compared to the conventional class AB solutions, thanks to the patented 'class SB' efficiency concept. TDA75613LV has been designed to be very robust against several kinds of misconnections.

The TDA75613LV is equipped with the SSR (speaker safety routine), a procedure able to check the offset at the speakers and automatically shut down the power amplifier in case of dangerous DC voltage.

It is moreover compliant to the most recent OEM specifications for low voltage operation (so called 'start-stop' battery profile during engine stop), helping car manufacturers to reduce the overall emissions and thus contributing to environment protection.

  • 所有功能

    • Multipower BCD technology
    • MOSFET output power stage
    • DMOS power output
    • High efficiency (class SB)
    • High output power capability 4x25 W/4 Ω @ 14.4 V, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 4 x 45 W max power
    • 2 Ω driving capability (64 W max power)
    • Full I2C bus driving:
      • Standby
      • Independent front/rear soft play/mute
      • Selectable gain 30 dB /16 dB (for low noise line output function)
      • High efficiency enable/disable
      • I2C bus digital diagnostics (including DC and AC load detection)
    • Flexible fault detection through integrated diagnostic
    • DC offset detection
    • Four independent short circuit protection
    • Clipping detector pin with selectable threshold (2 %/10 %)
    • Standby/mute pin
    • Linear thermal shutdown with multiple thermal warning
    • ESD protection
    • Very robust against misconnections
    • Improved SVR suppression during battery transients
    • Capable to operate down to 6 V (e.g. “Start-stop”)
    • SSR (speaker safety routine)


STMicroelectronics - TDA75613LV

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