意法半导体’的数字音频处理器/驱动器为多通道应用实现了数字音频处理和控制功能,能够处理数字音频流。 与数字音频放大器结合使用时,它们构成了数字音频系统的输出级。主要特性:

  • 2~8通道、24位处理
  • FFX功能让我们能够驱动意法半导体的高效数字放大器
  • 具有自动模式和动态范围压缩特性

STA309A multi-channel digital audio processor

The STA309A is a single chip solution for digital audio processing and control in multi-channel applications. In conjunction with a DDX® power device, the STA309A provides high-quality, high-efficiency, all digital amplification. The device is extremely versatile, allowing inputs of most digital formats including 6.1/7.1-channel and 192 kHz, 24-bit DVD-audio, DSD/SACD. In 5.1 applications the additional 2 channels can be used for audio line-out or headphone drive. In speaker mode, with 8 channel outputs in parallel, the STA309A can deliver more than 1 W.