Triacs in TO-3PF package

Increase AC switch safety with SNUBBERLESS™ Triacs in TO-3PF package

New Triacs in TO-3PF package improve creepage distance and noise immunity in high-condensation applications

The new family of SNUBBERLESS Triacs in TO-3PF package offer enhanced creepage distance and noise immunity. Optimized for on/off functions or phase-angle control, they enable applications dealing with high level of condensation, such as instant tap or shower water heaters, to comply with insulation coordination standards at Pollution degree 4. With an insulated tab rated at 2.5kV, they meet UL-1557 requirements. Offering high noise immunity, TO-3PF SNUBBERLESS Triacs simplify EMI standards qualification.

Key features of SNUBBERLESS Triacs in TO-3PF package

  • Fully encapsulated TO-3PF Package:
    • High 4.4 mm creepage distance
    • Voltage Insulation 2.5 kV
  • IT(RMS) from 26A to 40A
  • IGT 50mA
  • VDRM, VRRM 600V
  • dV/dt 1kV/µs

Application examples

instant water heater Instant water heaters
Tank water heaters Tank water heaters
Outdoor gate opener Outdoor gate openers
motor control Industrial motor control

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