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Morning session: Sensors Everywhere

11:00 AM ET

Welcome Address

The proliferation of smart, low-power, and increasingly capable sensors is affecting every industry and creating new ones. Today’s complex applications require sensor data to be processed locally at the Edge and be easily communicated to other devices and the Cloud.

Edoardo Gallizio   

11:10 AM ET

Wearable Devices

The unprecedented pandemic and the need to social distance is unveiling business opportunities for miniaturized sensors in medical and wearable applications. Time is critical. Learn about the, a powerful tool that reduces complexity and design time accelerating your time to market.

Kirby Atwater   

11:25 AM ET

Asset Tracking

In our global economy, goods travel long distances in their journey to customers and their value warrants the expenditure to monitor the condition and tracking. Learn about the extensive range of environmental and inertial sensors, and development kits that enable continuous monitoring of assets.

Manuel Cantone   

11:40 AM ET

Distributed Intelligence

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the increasing need for data acquisition at the network edge, ST products and solutions enable the emergence of new innovative applications. Discover the reasons and challenges for moving intelligence to the edge and how semiconductors can overcome the challenges.

Thiago Reis   

11:55 AM ET

Industry 4.0

What are the challenges of Industry 4.0? Learn how to design for Industry 4.0 with a complete sensor-to-cloud condition monitoring application using ST's industrial-grade sensors in the newest addition to our SensorTile family of form-factor sensor development kits - the SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node.

Tom Bocchino   

12:10 PM ET

Creating Touchless Buttons

In the midst of a global pandemic, the need for contact-free interactions has never been higher. Learn about the possibilities created by using Time of Flight Sensors for Touch-free Buttons and User Interfaces.

John Kvam

12:20 PM ET

Room Occupancy Monitoring

Occupancy limits are the new normal and have created the need to quickly and easily "People Count". Imaging sensors can help create simple solutions to count people as they leave and enter rooms allowing businesses to adhere to, and verify compliance with, all local health and safety rules.

Dominque Barbier   

12:35 PM ET

Roundtable Discussion

Bring your questions for our speakers to a roundtable discussion of all the applications and technologies discussed.

Edoardo Gallizio   

12:55 PM ET

The Question & Answer window will remain open and active throughout the break. See you back at 2:00 PM ET for Embedded Technologies.

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Afternoon session: Embedded Technologies

2:00 PM ET


Join us to explore the breadth of applications and innovations in Sensing Technology. Dive deeper into processing and connectivity solutions that enhance and broaden the capabilities of sensors, allowing you to create powerful, elegant and intuitive designs to bring to market.

Loris Valenti   

2:10 PM ET

Bringing AI to the Edge

What is required to bring AI from the Cloud to the Edge? One powerful solution uses Neural Networks running on microcontrollers. The breadth of the STM32 MCU family & ecosystem, combined with the STM32Cube.AI tool extension creates a fast and easy pathway for AI on the Edge solutions.

Markus Mayr   

2:30 PM ET

Enhancing the User Experience with Graphics

In today’s world, humans interface with technology almost every second. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a critical component to any product design. We'll introduce the STM32 product family, software and partner ecosystem which enables and accelerates the creation of compelling user interface designs.

Mike Hartmann   

2:50 PM ET

Securing Connected Devices

Connected devices must be secure devices. STM32Trust offers a robust multi-level strategy to enhance security in your new product designs, by layering your design with Root of Trust, Secure Boot, Secure Firmware Update and Cryptographic services necessary for connected designs.

Greg Proehl   

3:10 PM ET

Get Connected! Explore Bluetooth, 802.15.4 and Sub-GHz System-on-Chip Solutions

Learn about how STMicroelectronics has built on the expertise of general purpose microcontrollers to expand into 2.4 GHz Bluetooth LE and 802.15.4 solutions with the STM32WB series of devices. In the Sub-GHz area ST is leading with the STM32WL, the worlds first SoC with LoRA modulation integrated.

Colin Ramrattan  

3:30 PM ET

Contactless Connectivity: NFC is in your phone and your watch – where else?

In our increasingly touch-free world, NFC and HF RFID allow for contact-less communication between devices at short to medium range. Explore the myriad types of applications enabled by the NFC-RFID products and supported by a rich ecosystem including NFC tags, Dynamic NFC tags, HF and UHF Readers.

James Barlow   

3:50 PM ET

Closing Remarks


Loris Valenti   

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