Personal Data Protection Information Notice – Recruitment

This notice outlines how we (STMicroelectronics International N.V. Chemin Du Champs Des Filles 39 – 1228 Plan-les-Ouates (Switzerland) and any of our related affiliates and subsidiaries worldwide) collect, use, disclose, retain, and otherwise process, the personal data of our job applicants (i.e., job seekers who have “applied” for your job opening), candidates (i.e., active applicants that recruiters have screened and verify qualified for the requirements of the job opening) as well as passive candidates (i.e., individuals that are not actively looking for a new job but may be open to the right opportunity). Please note that region- or country-specific privacy disclosure or notice may provide additional information.

Throughout this document references to “local law” or “applicable law” refer to the governing law of the country or territory in which you reside. We may refer to “you” as “job applicant” or “candidate”, depending on the scenario.

1. What Does this Notice Cover?

This notice provides information about how we protect your personal data in accordance with local law. It also describes what categories of personal data we collect about you, how we use the information we collect, where and from whom we obtain it, to whom we disclose your personal data, your respective rights regarding it, and how you can exercise your rights. More information about your rights, and how to exercise them, is set out in the Your rights section below.

2. Types of Data We Collect

The personal data we collect from you helps us manage our recruiting and hiring process in compliance with our legal obligations.

We collect and use the following categories of personal data from and about our candidates (some or all may apply to you):

  • Identification data
  • Contact information
  • Demographic data
  • Data regarding responses to screening questions
  • Background check information
  • Previous employment information
  • Data pertaining to work preferences and abilities
  • Resume data
  • Information on certain health conditions (only where required by law)
  • Job interview notes
  • Assessment results
  • Travel-related records
  • Expense data

Collecting and using your data enables us to administer the recruiting process, including setting up an electronic pool of job candidates, applicants and passive candidates; managing your application; conducting assessments; organizing interviews, including arranging, or reimbursing for your travel; providing accommodations; processing interview feedback; on-boarding; and conducting background checks and screening. We will process your personal data to meet recordkeeping and internal and external reporting responsibilities. If necessary, your personal data will also be used in investigations and legal proceedings.

In the event of an unsuccessful application, most candidates want us to retain the personal data they provided so that we can contact them about other interesting job opportunities. To make this possible, we ask you at the point of your first application whether, in the event of an unsuccessful application, you want us to keep the personal data that you provide to us for a period of time and make it available to our recruiters within our group of companies. If you consent, our recruiters will be able to consider and contact you for other job opportunities. You can revoke your consent at any time, please contact us on

Please note that we may use third-party video or audio platforms for conducting job interviews and candidate assessments virtually. If we do so, please take the interview in a neutral space or employ background filters/blurring and remove personal objects that may reveal data that you consider sensitive from the view of the camera.  

3. Where we obtain or find your Information

We may obtain your personal data from any number of locations:

  • When you register or apply for jobs we post.
  • When you correspond with us by phone, email or otherwise.
  • When you register your CV on a job board and it matches certain criteria.
  • When you apply for a role via a job board.
  • When you are referred to by a friend or colleague.
  • Through your online profiles

When we find your information from external sources such as LinkedIn, corporate websites, and job boards we will contact you within a reasonable timeframe to ensure that our services are appropriate or relevant to you.

4. With whom do we share your information?

Your personal data will only be shared within our group companies where it is lawful to do so and for legitimate purposes. We take appropriate steps to ensure that workers who receive your personal data are bound to maintain confidentiality of the personal data.

We may use third parties for recruitment-support services (e.g., work agencies).  In providing such services, these third parties process your personal data on our behalf. For any third party that we use, we will confirm that they provide sufficient guarantees regarding the protection of your personal data. We will require that any third party complies with our data security standards and international transfer restrictions. 

Where relevant, we will share your personal data with third parties who act as controllers in their own right for the purposes described above and in accordance with applicable data protection laws, including:

  • HR services providers.
  • Insurance providers and brokers.
  • Governmental organizations or agencies, including law enforcement.
  • External advisors (such as legal advisors, accountants).
  • Employee benefits providers.

5. Do we make use of automated decision-making?

Automated decisions are defined as decisions about individuals that are based solely on the automated processing of data and that produce legal effects or that significantly affect the individuals involved.

As a rule, we do not make use of automated decision-making as described above. We do not base our decision on whether or not to hire you solely on automated processing of your personal data.

We may use analytics software to review submitted job applicant data and publicly posted professional profiles to surface additional potential job applicants for positions we post across our group of companies, including positions other than those you may have directly applied for. Such analytics software typically generates a general numeric indicator of an individual’s potential fit for both applied for postings and other posted roles, but hiring decisions with respect to applicants who have chosen to apply for a specific posting are not made automatically by the software nor by our recruitment personnel acting in exclusive reliance upon any such scores generated by our analytics software provider.

6. Do we transfer your personal data to countries outside the country/region in which you apply?

We are a global company. Your personal data may be accessed, transferred, or otherwise processed by our personnel or third parties’ contractors in a country outside the jurisdiction where you apply for a position.

Whenever we share personal data cross-border, in particular to locations not offering an adequate level of data protection, we impose appropriate contractual obligations and standards imposed to meet our internal standards and requirements enumerated under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

7. How is your personal data secured?

We maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, including security measures to protect against unlawful or unauthorized processing of personal data, and against the accidental loss of, or damage to, your personal data.

8. Personal Data retention

If your application for employment is successful and you commence employment with us, your personal data will be maintained consistent with our employee data retention policies in the country where the job is located.

If your application for employment is not successful and you have not provided consent, we will generally keep your personal data beyond the end of the application process for a period of two (2) years for potential use in case of legal proceedings.

If your application for employment is not successful and you have provided consent, we will keep your data for up to five (5) years for the purpose of considering and contacting you for future job opportunities.

9. Your rights in respect to your personal data

You have the right to request access to, correction, or deletion of your personal data, to ask for data portability and the restriction of processing, as well as – depending on the laws of your country – the right to define instructions on your personal data after your death.

You are also entitled to object to the processing of your personal data in certain instances. When we process your personal data based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent for the future at any time. To make a data subject request, please contact us on

For other general questions and queries on privacy and the applicable privacy rights in your country/region, please contact us as outlined under “Contact” below. You can also lodge a complaint with a relevant supervisory authority.

10. Background Check

After receiving an offer of employment with us, where permitted by local law, you may be subject to the completion of certain background checks which are permitted or required by applicable employment laws.

Personal data you have provided following an offer of employment may be used to facilitate a background check. No background checks will be undertaken prior to a conditional offer of employment being made. Failure to pass a background check may result in the withdrawal of the employment offer, in line with the requirements of applicable law.

You may be requested to provide information related to your family members in order for us to assess potential conflicts of interest and in accordance with legal requirements. When providing this information, it is your responsibility to obtain the family member’s permission to disclose such information to us. 

Conducting background checks may involve the collection of additional information about you from educational institutions, government agencies, previous employers, credit reporting agencies (where permitted by local law), information in the public domain, and law enforcement agencies at the international, national, or local level so far as is permitted by applicable law. If your prior employers and/or other referees are contacted, the report may include information obtained through personal interviews. Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain consent from referees before providing their personal data to us.

11. Changes to this notice

Our business changes constantly, and this notice may also change.  If the change is fundamental or will significantly affect you, we will provide you with updated notice in advance of the changes taking effect. You can also check this notice at your convenience to see any recent changes.  Unless stated otherwise, our current notice applies to all information that we have about you.  We stand behind the promises we make and will not materially change our policies and practices to make them less protective of personal data collected in the past.

12. Contact

Please address any questions, comments and requests regarding our data processing practices to