Developer resources - download our latest Operational Amplifier Reference guide

Operational amplifiers (op amps) are more than ever fundamental components for processing analog signals for increasingly digitalized systems.

ST’s op amp portfolio includes devices designed to satisfy all the requirements for the latest applications including more complex amplification and filtering, or just for interfacing analog signals with an ADC or a microcontroller for both industrial and automotive standards.

In addition to discussing the key requirements for op amps in various applications, the guide describes how to pick the best op amp for your design as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use our user-friendly ST Op Amp mobile app. This quick reference guide also provides information about ST’s most recent operational amplifiers and their main characteristics.

Download your Operational Amplifier reference guide to quickly find the best solution for your designs.

Here below a short overview of the information included in this guide:


  • How do I pick the right op amp for an application?
  • Key parameters to consider for typical op amp applications
  • ST’s op amp naming convention
  • How to use the ST Op Amp mobile app

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