DFN5 standard EEPROM package
Small is the new big

Designed for smart portable applications, this five-pin package helps developers reduce their PCB size by up to 60%.

ST introduces the world’s smallest EEPROM package!

Standard Serial EEPROMs enable the flexible and reliable management of parameters in virtually all smart devices.

Almost 60% smaller in size, the DFN5 package comes in a wide range of densities. Featuring an I²C interface protocol and 5 pins only, this package satisfies the need for ever-smaller PCB footprints and lower manufacturing costs.

Switch from DFN8 to DFN5
Save 10% reduction in costs
60% reduction in size

Key applications

Traditionally made with eight pins, this new five-pin package helps meet stringent requirements in terms of size and weight. The DFN5 package is ideally suited for use in portable applications such IoT industrial devices, medical devices, drones as well as other medium-size portable devices.

IoT for Smart Industry

Medical and Healthcare



DFN packages: features & benefits

ST’s eight-pin DFN package is now available in five pins. Easily compare the two options. Find out which one suits you the best:


ST offers a wide range of I2C Serial EEPROMs featuring up to 4 million write/erase cycles, with more than 100 million cycles per device and 200 years data retention. Developers can now order either a five or eight-pin package and easily upgrade to higher densities when required.

Package type Memory density
DFN5 From 2 Kbits to 256 Kbits
DFN8 From 2 Kbits to 512 Kbits

Start prototyping with ST’s Nucleo boards

The X-NUCLEO-EEPRMA2 expansion board is based on the M24xx and M95xx series for data reading and writing.


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