ST Developers Conference Santa Clara

Thank you for joining us at ST Developers Conference 2019!

We hope you enjoyed the event and that it gave you access to the expertise, knowledge, and resources you need to solve your design challenges. Throughout the day, we also hope you saw that ST and our ecosystem partners are ideal partners for YOU and YOUR team.

Below you will find most of the presentations from the event. Simply click on the session title to download the presentation (if available).

During the event we also took videos of many of the amazing technology demos in the expo hall. Please visit our YouTube channel to see several of the ST technology demos as well as partner demos from Avnet, Arm, Arrow, Crank Software and Future Electronics.

We look forward to seeing you again next year!


The Internet of Things – including Smart Homes, Smart Cities, and Smart Industry – and Smart Driving are here to stay and will continue to advance. We want to keep you ahead of the competition when developing, prototyping and bringing your next products to market. Together, we will make “Things”, Driving, Homes, Cities, and Industry smarter!



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