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This solution delivers bidirectional wireless audio communication with high quality audio and very low power consumption, and is highly suitable for smart home and industry applications such as audio entertainment & gaming, wireless speakers, PC peripherals headsets, wearables for music streaming from smartphone as well as voice control TV remote.  

The speech processing chain begins with the MP34DT06J digital MEMS microphone, which converts incoming audio into pulse density modulation (PDM) format. An extremely low-power STM32WB Series MCU with embedded Bluetooth® Low Energy certified transceiver proceeds to further convert and compress the digital audio signal in Opus format, before sending wireless BLE data packets to an identical system for decoding and subsequent streaming through a USB audio out interface.

  • 主要产品优势

    STM32WB55VGY - multiprotocol wireless 32-bit MCU

    This microcontroller simplifies bidirectional communication with DSP instruction set for rapid audio signal processing and embedded RF radio compliant with Bluetooth® Low Energy v5.0, in an architecture specifically designed for minimal power consumption.

    MP34DT06J - MEMS stereo digital microphone

    This very low power microphone outputs high quality, low noise digital audio signals, ready for rapid conversion and transmission over a suitable wired or wireless protocol such as Bluetooth® Low Energy.

  • All Features_zh

    • Easy to implement, low cost and highly compact solution for full-duplex communication
    • Bluetooth® Low Energy SIG specification v5.0 compliant
    • OPUS format for efficient speech audio encoding
    • Extremely low power consumption, ideal for portable, battery-operated applications