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STMicroelectronics STM8S-TOUCH-LIB is a touch sensing library that provides a complete and robust free source-code solution to transform any 8-bit microcontroller into a capacitive touch sensing controller. This solution allows designers familiar with the use of standard microcontrollers to create higher-end human interfaces by replacing conventional electromechanical switches by touch sensing keys.

The STM8 touch sensing library is part of the application firmware. It allows combining various capacitive sensing touchkey/linear/rotary touch sensors with traditional MCU features (communications, control of LEDs, beeper or LCD) in the same application.

  • 所有功能

    • Complete C source code library with firmware examples for STM8S and STM8A microcontrollers
    • Resistor-capacitor (RC) acquisition principle supported
    • Multifunction capability to combine capacitive sensing functions with traditional MCU features (communications, LED/beeper/ LCD control)
    • Flexible touchkey/linear/rotary touch sensors configuration and combination with up to 24 touchkeys and 2 linear/rotary.
    • Acquisition, filtering and calibration functions
    • Enhanced processing features for optimized sensitivity and immunity
    • MCU resources
      • Minimized number of external components
      • Reduced MCU memory space
    • Up to 8-bit linear/rotary resolution
    • Active shield feature
    • Compliant with MISRA
    • Compliant with Cosmic, IAR and Raisonance C compilers