ST产品系列提供了广泛的电机控制 IC,非常适合高要求的汽车环境,它覆盖的需求包括有刷 DC 电机、步进电机和无刷 DC 电机,其额定电压和电流范围广。



New fully integrated, reliable and compact automotive-qualified drivers for DC motors

The  new VIPower™ M0-7 H-bridge family is a set of full integrated and protected bridge circuits especially designed for DC motor control. Covering a wide range of load conditions, thanks to scalable power stages and packages, its combination of state-of-the-art embedded DC or 20-kHz PWM speed control modes with an embedded protection mechanism makes it the ideal solution for driving DC motors in cars. Further embedded features including independent load current sensing on each branch of the H-bridge and open load in off-state as well as chip temperature and V CC reading enhance system simplicity and flexibility, avoiding having to use external components. Read more