electro thermal simulatorTwisterSim

TwisterSIM is a unique Electro-Thermal simulator that helps shorten the design solution cycle by enabling, in a few clicks, complex engineering evaluations with accurate simulations like load-compatibility, wiring harness optimization, fault condition impact analysis, diagnostic behavior analysis and Dynamic Thermal performance. A built-in Interactive Selector provides a short list of suitable devices based on first level system requirements. It assists you in detailing your actual system configuration with layout, load and driving profile customization to build an accurate model of the final application.

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ST PowerStudio is a dynamic electro-thermal simulation software dedicated to power devices by ST. The software provides a comprehensive power and thermal analysis able to predict the device performance, shortening the solution design and saving time and resources. Furthermore, the tool helps to select the proper device fitting the application mission profile.

ST PowerStudio is based on a very precise built-in electrical and thermal model, for each device, and thanks to an iterative calculation, taking into account the self-heating effects, it provides a highly accurate estimation of the power loss and the junction and case temperatures.

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ac switch simulatorAC Switch Simulator

Quickly find the thyristor or AC switch that best fits your design by simply entering the main I/O and gate parameters in our AC Switch Simulator.

To refine your search and help improve your design, this user-friendly tool lets you calculate the junction temperature with a user load RMS current and ambient temperature, select the appropriate heatsink, and get an estimate of your design's voltage blocking capability. Packages, isolated versions, current ratings and alternative voltages can be sorted out in a single session. And the AC switching circuit suggestions can be delivered with an instant options check.

Available in English and Chinese, its responsive web design lets you use its interactive schematics and BOM tools as well as thermal analysis and blocking capability simulators on any desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Consult the comprehensive help file and benefit from information and insights on thyristors, TRIACs and AC switches from ST labs, application support teams and technical documentation about parameter definitions, inner workings, limits and interaction with the system's EMC environment..

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schottky diode simulatorDiodes (Schottky & FERD) Simulator

In just a few clicks our online Diodes Simulator (Schottky & FERD) lets you compare electrical characteristics and calculate power losses based on application waveforms.

SMPS designers and component engineers looking at the computed graphs of losses can rapidly make a clear decision about which field-effect rectifier or Schottky diode is best suited for their application.

This is only one of the computer-aided decision-making functions available with this unique online tool. Engineers can also use current and voltage rating dimensioning and package type search criteria to rapidly display the best rectifier or diode for your design.

A powerful search engine lets you select or sort rectifiers and diodes by part number, average forward current (IF(AV)) and repetitive peak reverse voltage (VRRM) as well as by feature type (topology, package and application grade). A cross-search function displays devices that meet certain criteria such as junction temperature, forward current and forward voltage drop (VF). A special feature lets you compare several devices in table or graph formats that can be saved and printed out.

Available in both English and Chinese, an intuitive online help helps you get started and includes concrete examples and snapshots.

Developers can quickly select the best solution for their application in only a few minutes without having to go through the tedious and error-prone processes of curve data reading, copying and calculation...

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