Automotive-grade trench gate field-stop, 650 V, 30 A, high-speed HB series IGBT in an H²PAK-2 package


ST’s HB series of IGBTs represents an optimum compromise between conduction and switching loss maximizes the efficiency of high-frequency power converters.

The new high-speed HB series of AEC-Q101 qualified 650V, 30A IGBTs in trench-gate field-stop technology combines low turn-off energy with low saturation voltage (VCE(SAT)). Increased robustness, reliability and lifetime is ensured by a maximum operating junction temperature (TJ) of 175 °C and a wide Safe Operating Area (SOA).

Moreover, a slightly positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient and very tight parameter distribution result in safer paralleling operations. The H2PAK-2L package offers increased creepage for better protection against high-voltage arcing failures.

The STGH30H65DFB-2AG is tailored for power factor correction (PFC) for on-board chargers as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.

Key features

  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Low saturation voltage
  • Minimal tail current turn-off
  • Optimum trade-off between conduction and switching losses
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Very high robustness in final application
  • High creepage SMD Package

Application examples

pfc for on board chargers PFC for On board chargers
hvac HVAC

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