New NFC reader enhances digital car key and center console applications


The ST25R3920B is an automotive-grade NFC device supporting a peer-to-peer, NFC reader/writer and several NFC card emulation modes.

Designed for CCC (car connectivity consortium) digital key applications, the ST25R3920B accelerates the development of car access/start applications both inside and outside the cabin (door handle, center console, etc.). This new universal NFC reader offers several benefits, including a patented “Heartbeat” NFC card protection for Qi charging applications. Additionally, all core benefits like pairing can be leveraged.

Tailored for the car industry, ST’s high-performance NFC solution is ultra robust and noise tolerant. It reduces electromagnetic emissions and can operate in harsh conditions. These advanced features help fast-track the certification process.

Key features

  • Operating modes
    • Reader/writer
    • Card emulation
    • Active and passive peer to peer
  • Key features
    • Dynamic power output (DPO) controls the field strength to stay within given limits
    • Active wave shaping (AWS) reduces over-and under-shoots and eases certification after EMVCo and NFC Forum
    • Noise suppression receiver (NSR) allows reception in noisy environment
    • Automatic antenna tuning (AAT) via variable capacitor
    • Integrated EMVCo® 3.1a compliant EMD handling

Application examples

automotive Automotive

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video st@mwc2022 - st25r3920b nfc reader for emvco 3.1a payment terminals

With its advanced features and versatile design, the ST25R reader is CCC-certified. The reader has been specifically designed for the automotive industry and its applications: digital keys, center consoles, etc.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing solution or build a new one from scratch, the ST25R3920B enables a secure and efficient experience.

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  • Car access and car start, compliant with CCC
  • NFC card protection for Qi charging applications
  • Car sharing, in-car payment, consumable authentication, and traceability