IC Solution for UHF Rain Smart Home & IoT Personal Electronics and Healthcare Industrial Asset Tracking & Smart Packaging


IC Solution for UHF Rain®

Using ST25R3993 UHF Technology to Extend Range, Speed and Volume of Tags Detected

Learn more about the industry-leading read rates and high sensitivity of the low-power ST25RU3993 UHF Rain® RFID reader IC.

  • Reading distance up to 13 meters/42 feet
  • Detects 200 tags in less than 0.6 seconds
  • Reading rate greater than 760 tags per second

ST parts: ST25RU3993

Use Case for UHF Readers

Learn How to Best Utilize the Rain® RFID Technology for Applications such as Retail, Track & Trace, and Aviation.

  • Excellent read distance performance (using the ST25RU3993)
  • Perfectly suited for stock management systems optimization
  • Capable of big data generation

ST parts: ST25RU3993


Smart Home & IoT

Use Your Smart Phone to Connect to any NFC Device

Many smart home and city systems lack a user-friendly interface to make it simpler to add new components. With NFC, your mobile phone screen becomes a rich interface, allowing even the most complex system to be easily configured through an NFC link.

  • Easy to connect and disconnect, or take over a Bluetooth connection
  • No need to explore settings menus to initiate a Bluetooth or WiFi pairing
  • Easy to connect and add multiple device to the network

ST parts: ST25T and ST25DV series

Access Control

Using NFC, mobile phones can be used in place of dedicated contactless cards, enabling remote hotel check-in and time-badging, as well as room/apartment-sharing applications.

  • Allows mobile access controlled by app
  • Remote hotel check-in
  • Over-the-air room-sharing app

ST parts: X-NUCLEO-NFC04A1

NFC for Accessory Identification and Parameter Setting

When an accessory needs to be identified, recognized, protected from counterfeit on a one-time basis, contactless NFC is the solution.

  • Unique ID as part of the tag
  • The tag contains specific settings to be used by the main unit
  • The tag keeps track of usage data

ST parts: ST25R series


Personal Electronics and Healthcare

Identification of Accessories, Setting Parameters, Re-ordering, and Monitoring Key Usage Data

NFC provides the ideal solution in crowded environments with multiple users and connected devices.

  • Contactless parameter setting
  • Field servicing, maintenance (with firmware upgrade) to power ON or OFF the device
  • Password protection and anti-cloning digital signature

ST parts: ST25DV series

Bluetooth and WiFi Pairing Fast and Simple

NFC allows you to easily pair Bluetooth or WiFi devices with a simple tap, without the need to enter a complex passcode.

  • Simple & fast pairing without the need to search sub-menus
  • Secure communications: encrypt a link by exchanging credentials securely with just a tap
  • Avoid conflicts and pair only the devices you intend

ST parts: ST25



Firmware Upload and Product Configuration, with No Wires Attached

NFC technology makes it possible to interact with products at any stage of the manufacturing chain, even after packaging. The ST25DV-I2C Dynamic NFC tag’s memory can store information such as languages, settings, and warranty registration information that is then retrieved at power up. This flexibility in software personalization is of great benefit to product manufacturing, and simplifies logistics.

  • Manufacturing optimization​ of firmware and setting upload
  • Product personalization: "in the box" programming
  • Field servicing, maintenance (with firmware upgrade) to power ON or OFF the device

ST parts: ST25DVST25T, and ST25R series

Dynamic Tag ICs with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Outputs Controlled by Contactless Interface

NFC offers communication and power without wires, allowing you to program and power your board on the production line through a single RF interface.

  • NFC connectivity with PWM functionality
  • LED driver or motor control setup over-the-air (OTA)
  • Significant BOM reduction, since no MCU is needed to drive the system

ST parts: ST25DV-PWM series


Asset Tracking & Smart Packaging

Asset Tracking Solutions

We have developed an NFC-enabled sensor node reference design capable of monitoring environmental and motion sensors, aimed to assure product quality and integrity during logistics.

  • Temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, and motion monitoring
  • Sensor reading also without battery
  • Suitable for asset tracking applications

ST parts: STEVAL-SMARTAG1ST25DV series

Authentication / Brand Protection & Loyalty

Discover how NFC/RFID tags with an embedded digital signature eliminate the risk of counterfeit and gray market goods. Thanks to this cryptographic solution and a secure manufacturing environment, it is now possible to guarantee the integrity of products and authenticate their origin.

  • Brand protection
  • ST Digital Signature TruST25™
  • Big data analytics

ST parts: ST25T series

Tampering Detection Solution

When tampering must be accurately detected, easy to implement, and effortlessly traced to a UID, ST's anti-tamper NFC tag provides the solution

  • Tamper detection feature
  • TruST25® Digital Signature
  • Read or write operation counter

ST parts: ST25DVST25T seriesST25TV-eSEAL Kit