automotive intelligent high-side drivers

VIPower M0-9 automotive intelligent high-side drivers with digital current sense

vipower automotive high side drivers

The market's first intelligent high-side drivers with digital current sense for automotive applications in Body ECU domain

A new generation of automotive intelligent switches has been introduced by ST, the first on the market with digital current sensing in addition to fully digital on-chip diagnostic features. Developed with ST's new VIPower M0-9 technology, these devices combine an efficient 40V trench vertical MOSFET with 3.3V digital logic, and high-precision analog circuitry in a tiny, 6 x 6 mm, QFN package.

The high level of integration together with SPI interface and complex digital functions allow a cost-effective design.

By providing a complex driver that operates independently from the application, these intelligent high-side drivers simplify AUTOSAR compliance and ease software development, targeting autonomous driving applications.

Key features of VN9D30Q100F and VN9D5D20FN

  • Extreme low voltage operation for deep cold cranking applications
  • 24-bit ST-SPI for digital current sense feedback and full diagnostics
  • Integrated 10-bit ADC for digital current sensing
  • Integrated PWM engine with independent phase shift and frequency generation (for each channel)
  • Advanced limp home functions for robust fail-safe systems
  • Control through direct inputs and / or SPI
  • Full set of digital diagnostics
  • Full set of standard automotive protections, including programmable case overtemperature warning and configurable Latch-off or time limited auto restart

Application examples

automotive lighting Automotive lighting
automotive power management Power distribution
car heating systems Car heating systems
m0-9 vipower family press release

Press release

STMicroelectronics launches highly integrated intelligent high-side drivers for automotive applications.