HSP181-2W3Y ESD array

Automotive-grade 18V dual-line high-speed port protection


An ESD array designed for high-speed differential lines, the HSP181-2W3Y protects the signal integrity of USB 2.0 or NFC signals.

The HSP181-2W3Y simplifies the design and layout of infotainment PCB by providing a single-package ESD and ISO7637 protection compatible with car markers 18V short-to-battery requirements.

Key features

  • 18 V VRM compatible with all passenger car battery voltages
  • Low clamping voltage for efficient protection
  • Ultra-low leakage current to reduce power consumption
  • 12 kV ESD robustness
  • AEC Q101 qualified & PPAP capable

Application examples

usb 2.0 lines in vehicles USB 2.0 lines in vehicles

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