Build stunning GUIs for embedded systems in record time

Discover TouchGFX

Technology is the key to delivering cutting-edge digital experiences.

TouchGFX is a free software package for creating Graphical User Interfaces on embedded devices.

Designed to simplify the design journey, it provides user-friendly tools to create the simplest to the most complex UIs.

With TouchGFX, you can create smartphone-like GUIs on STM32 microcontrollers, in a fast and easy way.

Drag & drop, select, click – it is that easy! TouchGFX comes with many user-friendly features to help you improve the wow factor of your UIs. See for yourself

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TouchGFX addresses the needs of a wide range of GUIs.

From smart watches to interfaces for remote controls, motorbikes, and home weather stations, discover innovative use cases in our brochure!

On-demand webinar - Develop cool GUIs for an improved user experience using low-cost MCUs

You will learn

  • About TouchGFX and the STM32 ecosystem for GUIs
  • How they support the design of small SPI display solutions, using a hands-on example