Low Level Firmware Programming with Drones


Learn how to implement embedded control systems for autonomous robots using the STMicroelectronics Drone kit (STEVAL-DRONE01). This teaching material is suitable for remote education and focuses on sensor feedback-based stability control approaches that are the fundamental basis for building autonomous robots.

Prepared by:

  Prof. Ricardo G. Sanfelice, University of California Santa Cruz


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Quadcopter Flight Control with Sensors Curriculum

These lab exercises will teach you the basics of stability control for drones using gyroscopes and accelerometer sensors, and how to develop SW tools to optimize the control parameters.



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What is the STEVAL-DRONE01?

The STEVAL-DRONE01 is a mini-drone kit featuring a high-performance flight controller unit, motors, propellers, plastic frame and battery – everything you need to assemble your own mini drone.



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App for iOS and Android

The ST_BLE_DRONE app is designed to be used in conjunction with STEVAL-DRONE01 evaluation board. It acts as a drone remote controller via BLE using the BlueST protocol.​ ST_BLE_DRONE provides an easy-to-use interface to replicate the remote control functionality on the smartphone.​



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Support material for the platform is available for free download.